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Birth listings: Fort Wayne and area

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 - 12:01 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Sept. 4.


• Hunter M. Hurraw to Chrystal M. Stonebraker and Matthew D. Hurraw.


• Gabe J. Taylor and Karis V. Taylor to Mistylee B. and Derek J. Taylor.

• Samuel A. Schwartz to Brandy S. and Marcus L. Schwartz.

• Tristan M. Wissing to Amanda S. and Shane M. Wissing.


• Kaylee M. Armenta to Katrina A. and Alberta C. Armenta.


• Christopher A. Prater to Michaela R. and Christopher L. Prater.

• Zeke O. Ford to Michelle M. and Jason J. Ford.


• Eli D. Ruble to Haley E. Ruble and Zachary J. Kelley.

• Isaiah D. Hosted to Carrie L. and David W. Hosted.

Columbia City

• Noah B. Geiger to Stacy N. and Todd J. Geiger.

• Noah J. Baker to Jennifer R. and Carter W. Baker.


• Jacari D. Rodriguez to Betty G. Rodriguez.

• Kaylee R. Kolter to Tyra R. and Todd A. Kolter.

• Khloe N. Fuelling to Jennifer N. and Dane C. Fuelling.

Fort Wayne

• Addison C. Lombrana to Jessica A. and Lance Lombrana.

• Addison N. Brock to Jennifer L. and Jeffrey A. Brock.

• Aiden B. Steward to Kari J. and Bret L. Steward.

• Allen M. Campbell to Rachel E. Monnier and William L. Campbell Jr.

• Allison M. Arnold to Holly L. Elkins and Patrick W. Arnold.

• Allyson M. Ounsombath to Viengvanh Chanthavangso and Michael S. Ounsombath.

• Amahni M. Loggins-Mullett to Marlene Y. Loggins and Joshua L. Mullett.

• Andrea Y. Lopez to Martha Lopez.

• Aneesa Kaur to Rajwinder Kaur and Rajveer Singh.

• Angel-Rue F. Simcox to Stephanie M. and Stephen W. Simcox.

• Ari J. Wilbanks to Nicole M. and Roger A. Wilbanks.

• Ashelia E. Mort to Elizabeth A. and Jonathan M. Mort.

• Athziri Dolores-Campos to Claudia E. Campos and Santos Dolores.

• Ava E. Delgado to Rebecca J. and Christopher J. Delgado.

• Brayden P. Hosier to Kristi L. Hosier and Christopher C. Norris.

• Braylan A. Woods to Nicole G. Osborne and Christopher A. Woods.

• Brendan G. Irvin to Andrea M. and William R. Irvin.

• Brooklynn K. Adams to Karman N. Hamm and Nathaniel T. Adams.

• Caleb R. Neely to Maelynn R. Gausmann and Chad D. Neely.

• Cali M. Mason to Amber L. and James R. Mason.

• Calli A. Ingram to Jessica M. and Daniel N. Ingram Jr.

• Cameryn J. Frazier to Jennifer L. Pautz and Daniel A. Frazier.

• Camren J. Chase to Kayla M. Mourey and Jesse S. Chase.

• Carly M. Cobb to Natalie L. Cobb.

• Carmela L. Ybarra to Holli R. Ybarra.

• Carter A. White to Elizabeth A. Flohr and Logan A. White.

• Cesar O. Alfaro to Natalia D. Albarran and Cesar Oscar R. Alfaro.

• Colin E. Maser to Natasha E. and Scott N. Maser.

• Crystal G. Diaz to Miriam G. Diaz.

• Daniela A. Hernandez-Gutierrez to Sandra L. Gutierrez and Ricardo Hernandez.

• Demarion L. Milliman to Kaitlyn J. Milliman.

• Eborkondu Ogah to Ene E. and Jonathan A. Ogah.

• Elijah A. Harrington to Marque O. Harrington.

• Elsie L. Learing to Megan L. and Jeffrey J. Learing.

• Elzihya T. Watson to Quantana S. Watson.

• Ethan J. Wood and Logan M. Wood to Angela M. and Christopher T. Wood.

• Evelyn-Ann R. Teders to Pilar R. and Cameron A. Teders.

• Evie A. Miser to Sarah L. and Darrin L. Miser.

• Faith O. Stephens to Sharonda C. and Curtis D. Stephens.

• Gavaun D. Thomas to Chae S. Schilling and Christopher D. Thomas.

• Gena P. Garceau to Anna M. Garceau.

• Giancarlo Monterroso to Marisol and Alan D. Monterroso.

• Gianna E. Garritano to Allison E. Scherer and Kyle W. Garritano.

• Hang N. Lian to Lian L. Cing and Thang T. Mung.

• Ian J. Benson to Alyssa M. Helser and Jonathan L. Benson.

• Isabela Y. Ybarra to Holli R. Ybarra.

• Jackson A. Crouch to Julie A. and Aaron C. Crouch.

• Jackson T. Mowan to Trishele R. and Jamison T. Mowan.

• Jatavion T. Busche to Leah R. Busche.

• Jazz C. Booker to Markeisha V. and James E. Booker.

• Johelga L. Portela to Helga C. Portela.

• Joselin J. Lopez to Lizbeth J. Lopez.

• Joseph F. Juday to Amanda R. Muller and Anthony T. Juday.

• Kaleb R. Warner to April K. and Richard C. Warner.

• Kamdyn C. Haupert to Katherine C. and Dean R. Haupert.

• Kamyah D. Moses to Tiwana and Ricky A. Moses.

• Keigan M. Fortriede to Rachel L. and Peter M. Fortriede.

• Kiley A. Cecil to Jennifer J. Bradley and Martin A. Cecil.

• Kyla M. Low to Jennifer M. and Christopher M. Low.

• Kyleia M. Hoskins to Tracy L. Davis and Andrew N. Hoskins.

• Lamarion R. Vinson to Lateasah S. Vinson.

• Lauryn O. Butler to Emily E. White and Robert L. Butler.

• Laylah A. Clark-Mahathy to Danielle L. Mahathy and Brian N. Clark.

• Leona R. Perry to Maria A. and Ellis C. Perry.

• Lily A. Lemon to Ashley N. Lemon.

• Lucas M. Melendez to Amanda M. and Hayron M. Melendez.

• Lucie E. White to Leigh A. and Martin E. White.

• Malika Ahmad to Sadia and Hani Ahmad.

• Mara E. Rorick to Elizabeth A. and Nicholas K. Rorick.

• Marissa R. Cook to Tracy R. Wilson and Justin L. Cook.

• Marshall L. Emerson to Laketa A. Emerson.

• Myles E. Manship to Katherine J. and Kyle E. Manship.

• Nico V. Ferratusco to Sabrina A. and Justin V. Ferratusco.

• Nicolas A. Williams to Christina N. and Paul D. Williams.

• Niko M. Wudy to Marshelle R. Schutte and Jonathan N. Wudy.

• Oliver D. Spitler to Sara B. and Nicholas O. Spitler.

• Paul S. Schlatter to Kristi K. and Mark E. Schlatter.

• Qu Veion D. Harrell to Naquita R. Harrell.

• Reece P. Woods to Miranda E. Woods.

• Rhiley D. Ramsey to Jessi E. Schrader and Tyler D. Ramsey.

• Roman L. Archer to Kimberley K. Archer.

• Rosario Romero to Maria G. and Jaime Romero.

• Salvador Quintana-Perez to Carolina Perez Hernandez and Jose A. Quintana.

• Samara A. Young to Aisha L. and Eugene L. Young.

• Selso S. Nino to Lashawnda M. and Jose S. Nino.

• Seth B. Lievano to Ruth E. and Arley L. Lievano.

• Shamyaih L. McNeal to Shacole M. Craig and Laquann D. McNeal.

• Suri A. King to Kenya S. Irby-King and Zachary L. King.

• Sydney V. Wilkins to Nicole N. and Christopher M. Wilkins.

• Tank A. Tarlton to Catherine I. Shepherd and Ryan A. Tarlton.

• Tatuum M. Causey to Tasheeka T. Causey.

• Valeria G. Diaz to Miriam G. Diaz.

• Victoria G. Suwinski to Melissa A. Akason and Lawrence M. Suwinski.

• Vincent D. Clauser to Audrey M. and Joseph L. Clauser.

• Violet A. Gerardot to Anne M. and Chad A. Gerardot.

• Yaneli Andrade to Kendy A. Bordallo and Elias Andrade.

• Zema Y. Ayenachew to Fikirte A. Feleke and Yared A. Ayenachew.

• Zoe R. Alltop to Heather M. Alltop.


• Kyle A. Gater to Genieva J. and Christopher R. Gater.

• Maddison M. Terry to Christen D. and Brent M. Terry.


• Victoria F. Schmucker to Keturah K. and Mervin J. Schmucker.


• Oliver R. Souther to Sarah J. Souther and Claudio Javier Wisler-Alvarado.

• Vincent P. Fries to Jessica A. and Jonathan P. Fries.


• Brodie J. Mott to Brittany N. Adams and Jackie L. Mott Jr.

• Charles A. Gierscher to Cheryl A. and Michael Gierscher Jr.

• Daniel A. Harning to Jennifer L. and Thomas A. Harning.


• Judah Stephenson to Stephanie A. Stephenson.

• Marlie G. Walters to Brandy R. and Ian P. Walters.


• Hope R. Dickey to Tifani R. Smith and Joshua M. Dickey.


• Brennan F. Douglass to Candis M. and Brian W. Douglass.


• Ashley Zavala to Maria Garcia and Agustin Zavala.

• Auddrie R. Chupp and Aulbrie L. Chupp to Tabitha L. and Brandon L. Chupp.

New Haven

• Abrianna M. Nichols to Lizbeth and Sean A. Nichols.

• Alissa G. Clark to Laura A. and Sean L. Clark.

• Blake M. Diemer to Kelly J. and Jason M. Diemer.

• Dean A. Jenkins to Jeanine C. and Joshua A. Jenkins.

• Evelyn M. Benjamin to Angela M. and James W. Benjamin.

• Grace L. Vowles to Kristin R. and Corey A. Vowles.

North Manchester

• Brooke R. Oldfather to Kimberly and Mark R. Oldfather.

North Webster

• Ava E. McComb to Jaime R. Lewis and Richard L. McComb.


• Lila G. Claghorn to Lydia P. and Bret W. Claghorn.


• Logan J. Burnett to Ronda J. and James E. Burnett.


• Caden T. Key to April J. and Christopher T. Key.


• Riley L. Rohrbaugh to Sarah J. Rohrbaugh and Lemuel W. Rosendaul.


• Zoe L. Vail to Darcy S. and Justin D. Vail.

Winona Lake

• Jaycie B. Stockman to Heather M. and Nathaniel B. Stockman.


• Ariana C. Dayton to Jenna C. and Tony L. Dayton.