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Internal review: 20 of Goeglein's columns plagiarized

Saturday, March 1, 2008 - 9:28 am

An internal investigation of columns submitted to The News-Sentinel by White House aide and former Fort Wayne resident Timothy Goeglein has revealed many more instances of plagiarism than initially reported.

So far, 20 of 38 columns published from 2000-08 have been found to have portions copied from other sources without attribution. Goeglein has submitted unsolicited, or guest, columns to The News-Sentinel for more than 20 years. At no time was he paid for them. Editor Kerry Hubartt said Friday the paper would no longer publish Goeglein’s writings.

A special assistant to President Bush since 2001, Goeglein was first accused of plagiarism over a guest column about education The News-Sentinel published on its editorial page Thursday. The plagiarism was discovered by Nancy Nall, a former News-Sentinel columnist who revealed her findings on her blog,

Goeglein has admitted that portions of the column were used from another source without attribution. He has apologized to the editors of The News-Sentinel and also said there may be other columns that contain plagiarized material. The paper is continuing to check columns published before 2000.

“His behavior is not acceptable and we are disappointed in Tim’s actions,” White House spokeswoman Emily Lawrimore told The Associated Press. “He is offering no excuses and he agrees it was wrong.”

Asked if he would keep his job, she said, “At this point we have nothing more for you on that.”

The News-Sentinel said its policy is that all writers attribute sources of information they use for publication. As with letters to the editor, guest columns are submissions from the public, used at the discretion of the newspaper and reflect the opinion of the writers, not necessarily of The News-Sentinel.